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Departments in Ministry of health




The Department of Planning, Research and Statistics (DPRS) is the hub around which the activities of the Ministry revolve. The DPRS plays a central role in ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and the attainment of overall targets of the entire Ministry.
The functions include:-

  1.  Development of Plans (rolling, medium and perspective including annual budgets)
  2.  Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation.
  3.  Serving as secretariat of the Tenders Board/Due Process Office of the Ministry of Health.
  4.  Operations Research
  5.  Sorting and monitoring of the performance and efficiency of the Ministry
  6.  Collecting and processing of data and statistics relating to the health sector
  7.  Management of the Ministry’s records and information systems
  8.  Liaison with relevant bodies outside the Ministry
  9.  Headquarter of the Health System Development Project (HSDP), Edo State.


Functions of the Department include-

  1.  Formulation and execution of health policies and thus advise the Honourable Commissioner on medical matters;
  2.  Inspection, registration and supervision of government-owned, private and voluntary agency health institutions across the State;
  3.  Bring up proposals for purchases of medical equipment for areas of needs;
  4.  Matters relating to Hospitals Management Board;
  5.  Matters relating to Traditional Medicine Board;
  6.  Matters relating to Ossiomo Leprosarium;
  7.  Medical Examination Board;
  8.  Represents Edo State at the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and thus ensures that medical doctors operating in Edo State are current with their annual practicing fees and continuous professional development (CPD);
  9.  Maintenance of medical standards/codes of ethics
  10.  Liaises with Nigeria Medical Association when the need arises;
  11.  Medical Training; and
  12. Any other functions as assigned by the Hon. Commissioner/Permanent Secretary



The Department is charged with the statutory responsibilities aimed at ensuring good Pharmaceutical Practice in the State as a whole. A number of these responsibilities are carried out on behalf of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. These include:

  •  Inspection of Pharmaceutical premises all over the State
  •  Registration of Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical premises, in liaison with the Pharmacist, Council of Nigeria, Abuja.
  •  Inspection and registration of Patient and Proprietary Medicine Vendors shops
  •  Representing the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria on the faculty Board of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City.
  •  Co-ordination activities of the Department of Pharmacy Technicians at the School of Health Technology, Benin City.
  •  Also the department screens and processes application for medical refund for all Ministries and Parastatals.
  •  The department is also responsible for initiation of policies on Drugs matters
  •  The department also coordinates the activities of the following committees for her monitoring exercise of drugs outlets:
  •  Edo State Task Force on counterfeit and Fake Drugs and unwholesome Processed Foods in liaison with National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
  •  Patient and Proprietary Medicines Vendors License (PPMVL) Committee in liaison with the Pharmacist’ Council of Nigeria (PCN), Abuja
  •  Pharmaceutical Inspection Committee in liaison with Pharmacist’ council of Nigeria (PCN), Abuja.

The Department of Nursing Services is responsible for administering Nursing matters in the State. It supervises, inspects and co-ordinates all matters relating to the Nursing profession in the state.
It interprets and advises on all policies relating to Nursing Education Services and discipline.
It takes responsibilities for the execution of these policies, in Health institutions where Nursing Education and services are rendered.


The Department has two main divisions:-
- Nursing Services Division
- Nursing Education Division


This Division is charged with the inspection of Government, Voluntary and private Hospitals in the State for the maintenance of standard of Nursing practice.
It is also charged with the updating and renewal of Nurses licenses, to ensure that qualified nurses/midwives function in various Health Institution.
It inspects, monitors, supervises and recommends for registration, all Nursing and maternity Homes in the State. There are about 169 Nursing and maternity Homes in the State.


This division is charge with the maintenance of standard in Nursing Education in the State Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.
It co-ordinates, supervises the conduct of national and internal examination for Nurses and Midwives in the State, including Entrance Examination into Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.
It advises, interpreted, and executives polices on Nursing and Midwifery Education and practice in the State
It partakes in the development of curriculum for Student Nurses and Midwives in the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria in collaboration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
It co-ordinate, supervises the conduct of National and internal examination for Nurses and Midwives in the State, including Entrance Examination into Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.
Responsible for ensuring implementation of Education Programmes for Nurses and Midwives in the state.
The Department co-ordinates the activities of State School of Nursing, Benin City, State School of Midwifery, Benin City. It also co-ordinates the activities of other school of Nursing and Midwifery, Psychiatry Hospital Uselu in the State and liaises with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria in their supervision. The schools are:

  1.  Schools of Nursing, UBTH, Benin City
  2.  School of Midwifery UBTH, Benin City
  3.  St. Camillus School of Midwifery, Uromi
  4.  St. Philomena, School of Midwifery Benin City
  5.  Zuma Memorial Hospital School of Midwifery, Irrua.
  6.  School of Psychiatric Nursing Uselu
  7.  School of Nursing Igbinedion Hospital Okada

Other functions of the Department include:-
o It represents the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria in the State. The Director of Nursing and Services functions as the Chairman of Nursing and Midwifery Committee, Edo State. We are about re-inaugurating this committee as many of the members have retired.
It is charged with the responsibility of continuing professional development, It is about setting up a committee on mandatory continuing professional development programme (MCPDP) as requested by the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria in all matters Concerning Nursing Midwifery and Psychiatric Nursing.


The Department is responsible for the following:

  1.  General administration of Laboratory Services in the State;
  2.  Processing of applications for Registration, and Inspection of Medical Laboratory facilities in the State;
  3.  Monitoring and evaluation of standards in private Medical Laboratories;
  4.  Supervision of training of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Assistants at the School of Health Technology, Benin City;
  5.  Overseeing the Medical Laboratory units in State Government Hospitals, with the cooperation of ADMLS in the Hospitals Management Board;
  6.  Co-ordination of Edo State Monitoring Committee of Medical Laboratories;
  7.  Involved with FHI/GHAIN in the assessment of HIV Counseling & Testing sites in Edo State;
  8.  Working hand-in-hand with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria on programs, such as

           - Participation in the inspection of Medical Laboratories in some State;
           - Participation in the Accreditation of Schools of Health Technology.


  1.  Completion of Application Form, obtainable from the Ministry of Health after payment to Govt. of the approved Application Fee;
  2.  Registration (current) with the Corporate Affairs Commission;
  3.  Current Tax Clearance Certificate (3 years);
  4.  Current Practicing License of the Scientist, from Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (M.L.S.C.N.);
  5.  A list of the available equipments in the laboratory;
  6.  Passport photograph and photo-copy of Academic qualifications of each staff in the laboratory;
  7.  Four copies of Direction of Location and the Plan of Premises;
  8.  Evidence of Registration of laboratory with Med. Lab. Science Council of Nigeria;
  9.  Payment to Govt. of the approved Registration Fee, after approval has been obtained on the Inspection Report.


The functions of the Department of Administration and Supplies as spelt out in the Office of the Head of Service Circular letter No. HOS.4/54 of 10 th July 2006 are as follows:

  1.  All personnel matters including
  2.  Appointment
  3.  Postings
  4.  Deployment
  5.  Promotions and Advancements
  6.  Petitions
  7.  Discipline
  8.  Leave matters
  9.  Retirements and deaths, processing or resignations, withdrawals.
  10.  Participation/Preparation of Annual Recurrent and Capital Expenditure
  11.  Establishments proposal and vacancy returns
  12.  Secretariat for taking minutes of meeting
  13.  General correspondence (Memos, etc)
  14.  Board of Survey and Enquires
  15.  Security matters
  16.  Maintenance of government vehicles and transportation
  17.  General purchase and maintenance of office equipment
  18.  Electricity, Telephone and Water matters
  19.  Sanitation

In order to execute the above functions effectively and efficiently, there is a schedule of duty drawn by the Head of the Department for principal; Staff of the Department.